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Buildrite has a fine and friendly approach towards its clients. Their main focus remains satisfied and pleased customers that are acquired through reliance, integrity, proficiency, and high-quality services. It is our capability, knowledge, and experience in the industry that compels property owners to come to us for professional and technical solutions on property maintenance. Services at Buildrite are varied provided by staff that is attentive, knowledgeable, and experienced. To beat the competition in the market, we have inspections and free estimates that set us apart from the rest.
Does your home, property, or any other facility need maintenance? Do you struggle to find good quality, reliable, and cost-effective repairs from a firm you can trust?

We are a friendly, local, independent, and reliable property maintenance company based in East Elmhurst, New York. We offer services in the Tri-State area to provide professional and cost-effective solutions to your property repair concerns. Our expert knowledge and reliable service are depicted in our work rendering customers satisfied. Our team is highly skilled in concrete work, masonry work, scaffolding work, and roofing & waterproofing. We are highly technical, using our practical understanding of systems and our diverse skillset to serve our clients with quick and diligent work to ensure our client properties are well taken care of.

Whether it's about residential, commercial, or industrial maintenance, we embrace problems and are eager to resolve your repair issues with finesse and quality. We value quality, knowing that it's the heart of what we do. And when we work on a project, our clients can rest at ease because they know their property is in good hands.
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Why Choose Us for Maintenance

Buildrite works with the NYC Department of buildings. The extra efforts by our reliable and diligent working staff to offer the highest quality of maintenance services are backed up by our core competencies

Top-Quality workforce

If quality is the key to success and satisfaction, we have mastered the art of offering the highest quality maintenance services. Staff at Buildrite is qualified and skilled to perform property upkeep that matters in terms of desirable outcomes.


Professional Staff for
Property Maintenance

Workforce matters if your business is all about technical work by hand, which is why the staff at Buildrite is highly competent, professional, and modest. They listen to your concerns and suggestions to offer solutions that are best for your property.


Satisfying results

There is nothing better than satisfied clients for a business. Our customer satisfaction is achieved through various attractive perks like we are insured, bonded, licensed, and legally approved as safe contractors.


Attention to detail

Every job has to be done right. For this, we need to be sure that every small or big detail is given adequate care and attention which may result in attaining the best maintenance results.



Transparency is one thing that no business guarantees but Buildrite proudly presents its inspections, quotations, invoices without any concealed charges. We do not surprise our clients with hidden costs rather keep it simple and direct to bring peace of mind to our customers.


Prompt response and services

Prompt services are catchy and appealing to nearly everyone. Buildrite assures its clients with prompt and quick services that can handle any challenging situation and turn it into a favorable one.

Our Professional Skills

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Property managers are responsible for routine maintenance for which they collaborate with property maintenance companies, be it residential, commercial, or industrial properties. Inspection timings and ways vary depending upon different factors for different properties. Be it a rental residential place, or a leased out commercial place, or a tenant moving in or out of a property, periodic property maintenance and upkeep inspections are scheduled to determine any damages or harm done to the property so that respective repairs and upkeep can be provided.
Property maintenance companies stay in agreement with the property managers to be on-premise for a certain amount of days for work

Property maintenance services are more than just repairs and upkeep. To put it in simple words, renovations are included in most property maintenance services because they fall under the category of increasing the value of a property. You can get just renovations done by any property maintenance company, although the cost of renovations may be slightly increased as to that of maintenance work.

Yes, you can. Although to keep it direct, property maintenance companies coordinate with their working staff to offer valuable solutions that may enhance the look as well lifespan of the building or structure that required repairs in the first place. Specific instructions or requests at times may not fall in the same cost estimates as calculated which is why you should be prepared to pay any further cost if needed.

For maximum property maintenance efficiency, costs, time, and labor must stay in line with each other so that whatever expenses fall on your part, are reasonable enough to be paid. To ensure that you do not overpay for your job, try negotiating rates based on the experience and expertise of the workforce. Next measure the amount of time they spent on the job in minutes, because rounding off to hours can make the total cost go high. Also, stay in contact with the property managers to make sure that costs do not exceed the preset limits.